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Short Stories

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The Desperate Men

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Cowboy Jamboree Magazine

April 28, 2020

Today Buzz is a thing of beauty to behold. He looks like a hood ornament – leg back, arm extended high – as the ball rotates effortlessly off his fingertips in a perfect spiral down the lane. Then bam! The one pin skittles into Lane 17 dumping the seven-pin as the ball curves away and punches the ten pin straight out. I became a

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Kissing Barbie


September 16, 2019

Inside information Uncle Jimmy called it. I wanted some too. So, I, Agnes O’Doul, of the Ninth Street O’Doul’s, on this day in the year of our Lord 1965 broke the rules. I became a time traveler. I became a time traveler.




AS YOU WERE, The Military Experience

Volume 7


These were forts. Outposts on the perimeter – places of war, diagrams, and secret handshakes. They also marked a moment in time that haunts me to this day.

Youth Imagination Magazine

Issue 44 


It happened so quickly, I don’t remember saying it. But when you’re the catcher squatting in front of the ump, and he hears every word you say, it’s hard to argue his call. He pointed at me and threw his arm toward our bench. I was out of the lineup.


Amarillo Bay Magazine

Volume 16 Number 2


Emma Britson stopped crying just long enough to believe that maybe her husband was in on it from the get-go. He looked too grim behind the wheel of their Chevy Astro ...

Gravel Magazine

August 2015


Sitting at the bar in my favorite spot halfway between the beer taps and ice trough, life couldn’t be better. I came in with only a ten spot and plopped down next to Googy Nunez burning her unemployment check on Jack n’ Cokes ...

Turbula Magazine

August 2007


The first time my dead uncle called was in May during one of those weeklong heat waves we get now and again. Tina, bored with the ball game I was watching, snored away in the bedroom ...

San Francisco Chronicle

In my hometown, everyone knows I take all the shortcuts. So the day I left my parents’ house it all looked routine. I made a right on Norwood and headed down Hazel Street toward The Farm...

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